A Little Cabin

Des a little cabin

Big ernuff fur two.

Des awaitin', honey,

Cozy fixt fur you;

Down dah by de road,

Not ve'y far from town,

Waitin' fur de missis,

When she's ready to come down.

Des a little cabin,

An' er acre o' groun',

Vines agrowin' on it,

Fruit trees all aroun',

Hollyhawks a-bloomin'

In de gyahden plot--

Honey, would you like to

Own dat little spot?

Make dat little cabin

Cheery, clean an' bright,

With an' angel in it

Like a ray of light?

Make dat little palace

Somethin' fine an' gran',

Make it like an Eden,

Fur a lonely man?

Des you listen, Honey,

While I 'splain it all,

How some lady's go'nter

Boss dat little hall;

Des you take my ban'

Dat's de way it's writ,

Des you take my heart,

Dat's de deed to it.

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