Miss Melerlee

Hello dar, Miss Melerlee!

Oh, you're pretty sight to see!

Sof brown cheek, an' smilin' face,

An' willowy form chuck full o' grace--

De sweetes' gal Ah evah see,

An' Ah wush dat you would marry me!

Hello, Miss Melerlee!

Hello dar, Miss Melerlee!

You're de berry gal fo' me!

Pearly teef, an' shinin' hair,

An' silky arm so plump an' bare!

Ah lak yo' walk, Ah lak yo' clothes,

An' de way Ah love you,--goodness knows!

Hello, Miss Melerlee!

Hello dar, Miss Melerlee!

Dat's not yo' name, but it ought to be!

Ah nevah seed yo' face befo'

An' lakly won't again no mo';

But yo' sweet smile will follow me

Cla'r into eternity!

Farewell, Miss Melerlee!

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