New Hampshire

GOD bless New Hampshire! from her granite peaks

Once more the voice of Stark and Langdon speaks.

The long-bound vassal of the exulting South

For very shame her self-forged chain has broken;

Torn the black seal of slavery from her mouth,

And in the clear tones of her old time spoken!

Oh, all undreamed-of, all unhoped-for changes

The tyrant's ally proves his sternest foe;

To all his biddings, from her mountain ranges,

New Hampshire thunders an indignant No!

Who is it now despairs? Oh, faint of heart,

Look upward to those Northern mountains cold,

Flouted by Freedom's victor-flag unrolled,

And gather strength to bear a manlier part

All is not lost. The angel of God's blessing

Encamps with Freedom on the field of fight;

Still to her banner, day by day, are pressing,

Unlooked-for allies, striking for the right

Courage, then, Northern hearts! Be firm, be true:

What one brave State hath done, can ye not also do?


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