The Corn Song

Jes' beyan a clump o' pines,--

Lis'n to 'im now!--

Hyah de jolly black boy,

Singin', at his plow!

In de early mornin',

Thoo de hazy air,

Loud an' clear, sweet an' strong

Comes de music rare:

"O mah dovee, Who-ah!

Do you love me? Who-ah!


An' as 'e tu'ns de cotton row,

Hyah 'im tell 'is ol' mule so;

"Whoa! Har! Come'ere!"

Don't yo' love a co'n song?

How it stirs yo' blood!

Ever'body list'nin',

In de neighborhood!

Standin' in yo' front do'

In de misty mo'n,

Hyah de jolly black boy,

Singin' in de co'n:

"O Miss Julie, Who-ah!

Love me truly, Who-ah!


Hyah 'im scol' 'is mule so,

W'en 'e try to mek 'im go:

"Gee! Whoa! Come 'ere!"

O you jolly black boy,

Yod'lin' in de co'n,

Callin' to yo' dawlin',

In de dewy mo'n,

Love 'er, boy, forevah,

Yodel ever' day;

Only le' me lis'n,

As yo' sing away:

"O mah dawlin'! Who-ah!

Hyah me callin'! Who-ah!


Tu'n aroun' anothah row,

Holler to yo' mule so:

"Whoa! Har! Come 'ere!"

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