Amanda Elizabeth Samuels

Federal Writers' Project

of the W.P.A.

District #6

Marion County

Anna Pritchett

1200 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana



1721 Park Avenue

Lizzie was a child in the home of grandma and grandpa McMurry. They were

farmers in Robinson County, Tennessee.

Her mother, a slave hand, worked on the farm until her young master,

Robert McMurry was married. She was then sold to Rev. Carter Plaster and

taken to Logan County, Kentucky.

The child, Lizzie was given to young Robert. She lived in the house to

help the young mistress who was not so kind to her. Lizzie was forced to

eat chicken heads, fish heads, pig tails, and parsnips. The child

disliked this very much, and was very unhappy with her young mistress,

because in Robert's father's home all slave children were treated just

like his own children. They had plenty of good substantial food, and

were protected in every way.

The old master felt they were the hands of the next generation and if

they were strong and healthy, they would bring in a larger amount of

money when sold.

Lizzie's hardships did not last long as they were set free soon after

young Robert's marriage. He took her in a wagon to Keysburg, Kentucky to

be with her mother.

Lizzie learned this song from the soldiers.

Old Saul Crawford is dead,

And the last word is said.

They were fond of looking back

Till they heard the bushes crack

And sent them to their happy home

In Cannan.

Some wears worsted

Some wears lawn

What they gonna do

When that's all gone.

Interviewer's Comment

Mrs. Samuels is an amusing little woman, she must be about 80 years old,

but holds to the age of 60. Had she given her right age, the people for

whom she works would have helped her to get her pension.

They are amused, yet provoked because Lizzie wants to be younger than

she really is.

Submitted December 1, 1937

Indianapolis, Indiana

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