Analiza Foster

N. C. District: No. 2 [320214]

Worker: Mary Hicks

No. Words: 361

Subject: Ex-Slave Story

Story Teller: Analiza Foster.

Editor: Daisy Bailey Waitt

[TR: No Date Stamp]


An interview with Analiza Foster, 68 of 1120 South

Blount Street, Raleigh, North Carolina.

I wuz borned in Person County ter Tom Line an' Harriet Cash. My mammy

belonged ter a Mr. Cash an' pappy belonged ter Miss Betsy Woods. Both of

dese owners wuz mean ter dere slaves an' dey ain't carin' much if'en dey

kills one, case dey's got plenty. Dar wuz one woman dat I hyard mammy

tell of bein' beat clean ter death.

De 'oman wuz pregnant an' she fainted in de fiel' at de plow. De driver

said dat she wuz puttin' on, an' dat she ort ter be beat. De master said

dat she can be beat but don't ter hurt de baby. De driver says dat he

won't, den he digs a hole in de sand an' he puts de 'oman in de hole,

which am nigh 'bout ter her arm pits, den he kivers her up an' straps

her han's over her haid.

He takes de long bull whup an' he cuts long gashes all over her

shoulders an' raised arms, den he walks off an' leabes her dar fer a

hour in de hot sun. De flies an' de gnats dey worry her, an' de sun

hurts too an' she cries a little, den de driver comes out wid a pan

full of vinegar, salt an' red pepper an' he washes de gashes. De 'oman

faints an' he digs her up, but in a few minutes she am stone dead.

Dat's de wust case dat I'se eber hyard of but I reckon dar wuz plenty

more of dem.

Ter show yo' de value of slaves I'll tell yo' 'bout my gran'ma. She wuz

sold on de block four times, an' eber time she brung a thousand dollars.

She wuz valuable case she wuz strong an' could plow day by day, den too

she could have twenty chilluns an' wuck right on.

De Yankees come through our country an' dey makes de slaves draw water

fer de horses all night. Course dey stold eber'thing dey got dere han's

on but dat wuz what ole Abraham Lincoln tol' dem ter do.


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