Andrew Gregory

DEC -- 1937

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Andrew Gregory

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 74

"I was born in Carroll County, Tennessee. My mother was owned by

Houston. She said when war was declared he was at a neighbor's house. He

jumped up and said, 'I gonner be the first to kill a Yankee.' They said

in a few minutes he fell back on the bed dead. My father owner was

Tillman Gregory. After freedom he stayed on sharecroppin'. From what he

said that wasn't much better than bein' owned. They had to work or

starve. He said they didn't make nobody work but they didn't keep nobody

from starvin' if they didn't go at it. They was proud to be free but

that didn't ease up the working.

"My people stayed on in Tennessee a long time. When I was nineteen years

old they was making up a crowd to come here to work. Said the land was

new. I come wid them. It was a big time. We come on the Hardcash

(steamboat). I farmed and cleared land all my life. I sold wood, hauled

wood. I've done all kinds of form work. I get $12 from the Welfare


"The young generation is a puzzle to me. That why I stand and watch what

they do. The folks make the times. It's a puzzle to me too."

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