Anna Hall

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Anna Hall (mulatto)

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 68

"I don't know nuthin' cept what I heard folks talk 'bout when I was a

child. I was born good while after that war. My folks lived in Scott

County near Jackson, Mississippi when I was little and in slavery times

too. My mother's mistress was Miss Dolly Cruder. She was a widow and run

her own farm. I don't remember her. She give her own children a cotton

patch apiece and give the women hands a patch about and they had to work

it at night. If the moon didn't give light somebody had to hold a literd

(lantern) not fur from 'em so they could see to hoe and work it out. I

think she had more land then hands, what they made was to be about a

bale around for extra money. It took all the day time working in the big

field for Miss Dolly. I heard 'em say how tired they would be and then

go work out their own patches 'fore they go to bed. I don't remember how

they said the white girls got their cotton patches worked. And that is

about all I remembers good 'nough to tell you.

"They didn't expect nothing but freedom out the war. The first my mother

heard she was working doing something and somebody say, 'What you

working fur don't you know you done free?' That the first she knowed she

was free. They just passed the word round; that's how they heard it and

the soldiers started coming in to their families. Some of them come back

by themselves and some come riding several of them together.

"I know they didn't give my mother nothing after the war. She washed and

ironed 'bout all her life.

"The young generation is doing better than we old folks is. If there is

any work to get they gets it in preference to us. Education is helping

some of 'em here in Brinkley. Some of the young ones gets good money.

They teaches and cooks. Times is hard for some.

"I live wid my son. Yes he own his house. I gets $8 from the relief. We

has 'bout 'nough to live on and dat is all."

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