Annie Thompson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Annie Thompson, Biscoe, Arkansas

Age: 55?

"I was raised by my father's sister and my grandmother. Later on I come

to my daddy here and my stepmother had other children. I soon married.

I've had a hard time.

"My grandparents was Harriett Edwards and William Snow. Grandmother said

they were nice to her. She was Master Edwards' house girl. She cooked

and was a spinner. When I was a girl she had her spinning-wheel and

she taught me to spin and knit. She spun thread for caps, mittens,

stockings, socks, suspenders, and coats. We knit all those things when

I was a girl. Grandmother said the white folks never whooped her.

Grandmother was her old master's own girl and she nursed with one of his

white wife's children. She was real light.

"My father's mother was a squaw. I don't know her name. She was sold

from grandpa and he went to Master Snow. He never seen her any more.

He took another wife and jumped over the broom on the Snow place. He

thought some of his owners was terrible. He had been whooped till he

couldn't wear clothes. He said they stuck so bad.

"My own father whipped me once till my clothes stuck to my back. I

told you I had seen a pretty hard time in my own life. I was born in

Starkville, Mississippi.

"Since I was a girl there has been many changes. I was married by Rev.

Bell December 14, 1902. My husband is living and still my husband. I can

see big changes taking place all the time. I was married at De Valls


Interviewer's Comment

This woman could give me some comparative views on the present

generation but she didn't. It is one of the Saturday gathering halls.

She depends on it somewhat for a living and didn't say a word either pro

or con for the present generation.

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