Arey Lamar

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Arey Lamar

612 E. 14th Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 78

[Date Stamp: MAY 31 1938]

"Yes'm, I was born in slavery days but I don't know what day. But you

know I been hustlin' 'round here a long time.

"My mother said I was a great big girl when surrender come.

"I was born in Greenville, Mississippi but I was raised down at Lake


"I was a servant in Captain Will Nichols' house. I got a cup here now

that was Captain Nichols' cup. Now that was away back there. That's a

slavery time cup. After the handle got broke my mother used it for her

coffee cup.

"My mother's name was Jane Condray. After everything was free, a lot

of us emigrated from the old country to Arkansas. When we come here we

come through Memphis and I know I saw a pair of red shoes and cried

for mama to buy 'em for me, but she wouldn't do it.

"After I was grown and livin' in Little Rock, I bought me a pair of

red shoes. I know I wore 'em once and I got ashamed of 'em and blacked


"My brother run away when they was goin' to have that Baxter-Brooks

War and ain't been seen since.

"I was the oldest girl and never did get a education, and I hate it. I

learned to work though.

"I don't know 'bout this younger generation. It looks like they're

puttin' the old folks in the background. But I think it's the old

christian people is holdin' the world together today."

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