Bell Robinson

Garrard County. Ex-Slave Stories.

(Eliza Ison)

Aunt Belle Robinson:

I found Aunt Belle sitting on the porch, dressed nice and clean with a

white handkerchief pinned on her neck. When I went to her and told her

who I was and the reason for my visit her face beamed with smiles and

she said "Lawdy, it has been so long that I have forgot nearly

everything I knew".

Further investigation soon proved that she had not forgotten, for her

statements were very intelligent. She was working on a quilt and close

investigation found that the work was well done. Aunt Belle tells me "I

was born June 3rd, 1853 in Garrard County near Lancaster. My mother's

name was Marion Blevin and she belonged to the family of Pleas Blevin.

My father's name was Arch Robinson who lived in Madison County. Harrison

Brady bought me from Ole Miss Nancy Graham and when Mr. Brady died and

his property was sold Mrs. Brady bought me back; and she always said

that she paid $400 for me. I lived in that family for three generations,

until every one of them died. I was the only child and had always lived

at the big house with my mistus. I wore the same kind of clothes and ate

the same kind of food the white people ate. My mother and father lived

at the cabin in the yard and my mother did the cooking for the family.

My father did the work on the farm with the help that was hired from the

neighbors. I was too young to remember much about the slave days, but I

never heard of any slaves of the neighbors being punished. My "Mistus"

always took me to the Baptist Church with her. I do not remember any

preacher's names or any songs they sang."


Interview with Aunt Belle Robinson, Ex-Slave of Garrard County.

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