C Hood

The Story of Mrs. C. Hood:

Once upon a time during the Civil War my grandmother was alone with just

one old faithful servant. The Union troops had just about taken

everything she had, except three prize saddle horses and one coal black

mare which she rode all the time. She was very fond of the mare and

valued it very much. One night my grandmother heard a noise, and called

old Joe to go to the barn and see what was the matter. As he was nearing

the barn someone yelled "Halt"; and Joe being a black man and a servant,

stopped just where he was. My grandmother, who had also heard the

command, paid no attention whatsoever; she went straight through the

dozen or more Union soldiers who were stealing her stock to the one who

appeared to be the leader. He was holding her mare; she jerked the

briddle from his hand, led her mare back to the kitchen door, where she

held her the remainder of the night.

A Story:

When my mother was a girl she was staying with some kinfolks for one

month. These people owned several slaves and among them was one old

man-servant who was very old and had served out his usefulness. It was

war time and food was scarce even for the white folks. The younger and

stronger slaves got most of the food, and old Tom was always hungry. My

mother finding this out, and feeling sorry for him would slip him bread

and other food through a hole in the kitchen floor. A short time after

this, my mother married and moved to a home of her own. Old Tom never

forgot her kindness; and finally persuaded his master to give him to my

mother, who kept him until his death.

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