Charlie Davis

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Charlie Davis

100 North Plum, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 76

"They said I was born in 1862, the second day of March, in Little Rock.

"I 'member the War. I 'member the bluecoats. I knowed they was fightin'

but I didn't know what about.

"My old master was killed in the War. I don't know his name, I just

heered 'em call him old master.

"I know old missis kept lookin' for him all durin' the War and looked

for him afterward. As long as I could understand anything she was still


"Far as I know, my parents stayed with old missis after the War.

"I 'member my father hired me out when I was a little boy. They treated,

me good.

"Never have done anything 'cept farm work. I'm failin' now. Hate to say

so but I found out I am.

"I never did want to go away from here. I could a went, but I think a

fellow can do better where he is raised. I have watched the dumb beasts

go off with others and see how they was treated, so I never did crave to

go off from home. I have knowed people have went away and they'd bring

'em back dead, and I'd say to myself, 'I wonder how he died?' I've

studied it over and I've just made myself satisfied.

"I went to school some but I was the biggest help the old folks had and

they kept me workin'."

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