Charlie Gadson

--- -- 1937

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Charlie Gadson

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 67

"I was born in Barnwell County, South Carolina. My parents' name was

Jane Gadson, Aaron Gadson. My mother master was Mr. Owens. That is all I

ever knowed bout him. My father's master was Rivers and Harley Gadson.

"They said they was to get something but they moved on. At the ending of

that war the President of the United States got killed. They wouldn't

knowed they was free if they hadn't made some change. I don't know what

made them think they would get something at freedom less somebody told

them they would.

"I work at the oil mill and at sawmilling. I been farmin' mostly since I

been here. I got kidney trouble and rheumatism till I ain't no count. I

own a house and lot in Brinkley."

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