Charlie Huff

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Charlie Huff

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: Born 1864

"I was born close to Charlotte, North Carolina. Alex Huff owned my

parents and me. My pa was a dark man. He was named Alex Huff too. Ma was

named Sarah Huff. She was ginger cake color they called it. Both her

parents was part Creek Indian. I seen the block at Richmond, Virginia

where they sold pa. They kept him three weeks away from me before he was

sold. They sold him at the last of slavery for $1,500. Ma never seen him

no more. After freedom she brought me and immigrated to Arkansas. My

sister wouldn't come, she was fixing to marry. We come on the train,

paid our own way. We heard it was a fine country and ma heard somebody

out here bought pa. We kept inquiring till after she died. I heard where

he was. I went to see him. He told me what I told you. He was sold and

brought to Louisiana. He was a cross-eyed man and named Alex the best

way I found him. My ma never was sold as she remembered.

"Master Alex Huff owned a turpentine factory and pa worked at it. Ma

washed and cooked. Master Alex Huff raised Palmer Christy beans. I think

he sold the seed to keep moles out of the land. Moles was bad in new

cleared land. When they found a mole hill they opened it and put in a

few beans so the mole would eat them and die. He sold the beans.

"The Ku Klux never bothered us.

"We come to Arkansas as soon as we could after freedom. We wanted to

find pa. When we first come I worked on a steamboat, then I mined at

Pratt City, Tennessee--coal mines--a year and a half. Then for

forty-five years I worked on the railroad section as a hand. I made two

crops in all my life. The first year I did fine and not so bad the next.

But since three years ago I had these two strokes. I am here and not

able to work. My wife draws $12 from the Welfare Order.

"It has been a long time since I voted. I voted last time for President

McKinley. I didn't like the strict franchise laws."

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