Charlie Jones

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Charlie Jones

1303 Ohio Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 76

"I was borned in '61 in the State of Mississippi August the 15th.

"I member just a little bout the War. Yes'm, I member seein' the

soldiers. They was walkin'--just a long row of em. Had guns across

their shoulders and had them canteens. I member we chilluns run out to

the road and got upon the bars and watched em go by. I think it was

after they had fought in Vicksburg and was comin' back towards


"My mother belonged to the Harrises and we stayed with her and my

father belonged to the Joneses.

"I member how they used to feed us chillun. They had a big cook

kitchen at the big house and we chillun would be out in the yard

playin'. Cook had a big wooden tray and she'd come out and say

'Whoopee!' and set the tray on the ground. Sometimes it was milk and

sometimes it would be potlicker. We'd fall down and start eatin'. Get

out [TR: our?] heads in and crowd just like a lot of pigs.

"After freedom we went to old Colonel Jones and worked on the shares.

I wasn't big enough to work but I member when we left the Harris

place. I know they wasn't so cruel to em. Didn't have no overseer.

Some of the people had cruel overseers.

"I went to school after the War a right smart. I got as far as the

third grade. Studied McGuffy's Reader and the old Blue Back Speller.

Yes'm, sure did.

"I come here to Arkansas wid my parents in '78. Come right here to

Jefferson County, down at Fairfield on the Lambert place.

"All my life I've farmed. I worked on the shares and rented too. Could

make the most money rentin'. I got everywhere from 4c to 50c a pound

for cotton. I had cows and hogs and chickens and raised some corn.

"I made a garden and made a little cotton and corn last year on

government land on the old river bank.

"I heered of the Klu Klux but they never did bother me.

"I voted the Publican ticket and never had no trouble.

"I been right around this town fifteen years and I own this home. I

worked about six months at the shops but the rest of the time I


"Heap of things I'd do when I was young the young folks won't do


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