Cinda Johnson

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Cinda Johnson

506 E. Twenty, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 83

"Yes ma'm, this is Cinda. Yes'm, I remember seein' the soldiers but I

didn't know what they was doin'. You know old folks didn't talk in

front of chilluns like they does now--but I been here. I got great

grand chillun--boy big enuf to chop cotton. That's my daughter's

daughter's chile. Now you know I been here.

"I heered em talkin' bout freedom. My mother emigrated here drectly

after freedom. I was born in Alabama. When we come here, I know I was

big enuf to clean house and milk cows. My mother died when I was bout

fifteen. She called me to the bed and tole me who to stay with. I been

treated bad, but I'm still here and I thank the Lord He let me stay.

"I been married twice. My first husband died, but I didn't have no

graveyard love. I'm the mother of ten whole chillun. All dead but two

and only one of them of any service to me. That's my son. He's good to

me and does what he can but he's got a family. My daughter-in-law--all

she does is straighten her hair and look cute.

"One of my sons what died belonged to the Odd Fellows and I bought

this place with insurance. I lives here alone in peace. Yes, honey, I

been here a long time."

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