Clarice Jackson

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Clarice Jackson

Eighteenth and Virginia, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 82

"I was six or seven when they begin goin' to the Civil War. We had a

big old pasture opposite and I know they would bring the soldiers

there and drill 'em.

"Oh my God, don't talk about slavery. They kept us in so you know we

couldn't go around.

"But if they kept 'em a little closer now, the world would be a better

place. I'm so glad I raised my children when they was raisin'

children. If I told 'em to do a thing, they did it 'cause I would

always know what was best. I got here first you know.

"People now'days is just shortening their lives. The Lord is pressin'

us now tryin' to press us back. But thank God I'm saved.

"Did you ever see things like they is now?

"I looks at the young folks and it seems like they is all in a

hurry--looks like they is on the last round.

"These here seabirds, (a music machine called seaburg--ed.) is ruinin'

the young folks.

"I feels my age now, but I thank the Lord I got a home and got a

little income.

"My children can't help me--ain't got nothin' to help with but a

little washin'. My daughter been bustin' the suds for a livin' 'bout

thirty-two years now.

"I never went to school. My dad put me to work after freedom and then

when schools got so numerous, I got too big. Ain't but one thing I

want to learn this side of the River, is to read the Bible. I wants to

confirm Jesus' words.

"The fus' place we went after we left the home place durin' of the

war, we went to Wolf Creek. And then they pressed 'em so close we went

to Red River. And they pressed 'em so close again we went to Texas and

that's where we was when freedom come.

"That was in July and they closed the crap (crop) and then six weeks

'fore Christmas they loaded the wagons and started back to Arkansas.

We come back to the Johnson place and stayed there three years, then

my father rented the Alexander place on the Tamo.

"I stayed right there till I married. I married quite young, but I had

a good husband. I ain't sayin' this just 'cause he's sleepin' but

ever'body will tell you he was good to me. Made a good livin' and I

wore what I wanted to.

"He come from South Carolina way before the war. Come from Abbeville.

They was emigratin' the folks.

"I tell you all I can, but I won't tell you nothin' but the truth."

Interviewer's Comment

Owns her home and lives on the income from rental property.

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