Dan Newborn

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Dan Newborn

1000 Louisiana, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 78

"I was born in 1860. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee. I suppose it was in

the country.

"Solomon Walton was my mother's owner and my father belonged to the

Newborns. My grandmother belonged to the Buggs in Richmond, Virginia and

she was sold to the Waltons. When my mother died in '65 my grandmother

raised me. After she was freed she went to the Powell Clayton place. Her

daughter lived there and she sent up the river and got her. I went too.

Me and two more boys.

"I never went to school but about thirty days. Hardly learned my


"In '66, my grandmother bound two of us to Powell Clayton for our

'vittils' and clothes and schoolin', but I didn't get no schoolin'. I

waited in the house. Stayed there three years, then we come back to the

Walton place.

"My grandmother said the Waltons treated her mean. Beat her on the head

and that was part of her death. Every spring her head would run. She

said they didn't get much of somethin' to eat.

"I was married 'fore my grandmother died--to this wife that died two

months ago. We stayed together fifty-seven years.

"To my idea, this younger generation is too wild--not near as settled as

when I was comin' up. They used to obey. Why, I slept in the bed with my

grandmother till I was married. She whipped me the day before I was

married. It was 'cause I had disobeyed her. Children will resist their

mothers now.

"I think the colored people is better off now 'cause they got more

privilege, but the way some of 'em use their privilege, I think they

ought to be slaves.

"My grandmother taught me not to steal. My white folks here have trusted

me with two and three hundred dollars. I don't want nothin' in the world

but mine.

"I been workin' here for Fox Brothers thirty-eight years and they'll

tell you there's not a black mark against me.

"I used to be a mortar maker and used to sample cotton. Then I worked at

the Cotton Belt Shops eight years.

"I've bought me a home that cost $780.

"I don't mind tellin' about myself 'cause I've been honest and you can

go up the river and get my record.

"Out of all due respect to everybody, the Yankees is the ones I like.

"Vote? Oh yes, Republican ticket. I like Roosevelt's administration. If

I could vote now, I'd vote for him. He has done a whole lot of good."

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