Dora Holmes

Interviewer: Samuel S. Taylor

Person interviewed: Dora Holmes [HW crossed out: (light brown)]

1500 Valentine St., Little Rock, Ark.

Age: 60?

Occupation: Housewife

"My father's half brothers were white. They all fought in the army. They

were Confederate soldiers. Once during the war when they came home, they

brought my mother the goods for two dresses,--twenty yards of figured

voile, ten yards for each dress. The cost of the whole twenty yards was

fifty dollars ($50.00).

"I still have the dresses and some petticoats and pantaloons which are

nearly as old. I have ironed these things many a time until they were so

stiff they stand straight up on the floor."

Interviewer's Comments

Mary Ann King, mother of Dora Holmes, was the original owner of the

dresses. She died at the age of ninety-eight two or three years ago. One

of the dresses is still in the possession of the daughter. It has a

skirt with nine gores and a twelve-inch headed ruffle.

The petticoat is of white muslin with a fifty-two yard lace ruffle in

sixteen tiers of lace with beading at the top. It was worn just after

the Civil War.

There are also a baby dress and a baby petticoat fifty-six years old.

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