Dorothy Lambright

Spartanburg, S. C.

District No. 4

May 27, 1937.

Edited by

R. V. Williams

[~HW: Lambrigh~]

Folk Lore: Folk Tales (negro)

"I was 'bout nine year ole when de big war broke loose. My pa and ma

'longed to de Scotts what libbed in Jonesville Township. When I got big

'nough to work, I was gib to de youngest Scott boy. Soon atter dis,

Sherman come through Union County. No ma'm, I nebber seed Sherman but I

seed some of his soldiers. Dat's de time I run off in de wood and not

narry a soul knowed whar I was till de dus' had done settled in de big


"Every Sunday, Marse Scott sent us to church in one of his waggins.

White folks rid to church in de buggy and Marse went on de big saddle

hoss. 'Bout dis time, Marse Scott went to Columbia to git coffee and

sugar. He stay mos' two weeks, kaize he drive two fine hosses to de

buggy 'long wid a long hind end to fetch things to and fro in. De roads

was real muddy and de hosses haf to res' ever night. Den in Columbia, he

would have a little 'joyment befo' he come back home."

Source: Miss Dorothy Lambright, W. Main St., Union, S. C. (Story told

her by "Uncle Peter" Arthur.) Information by Caldwell Sims, Union, S.


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