Ed Allen Des Arc Interviewed By Miss Irene Robertson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Ed Allen, Des Arc, Ark.

Age: ?

"I know that after freedom they took care of my pa and ma and give em a

home long as they lived. Ma died wid young mistress here in Des Arc.

"The present generation is going to the bad. Have dealings wid em, not

good to you. Young folks ain't nice to you like they used to be.

"White boys and colored boys, whole crowd of us used to go in the river

down here all together, one got in danger help him out. They don't do it

no more. We used to play base ball together. All had a good time. We

never had to buy a ball or a bat. Always had em. The white boys bought

them. I don't know as who to blame but young folk changed."

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