Edd Shirley

Monroe County. Folklore.

(Lenneth Jones-242) [HW: Essay]

Uncle Edd Shirley (97):

Janitor at Tompkinsville Drug Co. and Hospital,

Tompkinsville, Ky.

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I am 97 years old and am still working as janitor and support my family.

My father was a white man and my mother was a colored lady. I was owned

three different times, or rather was sold to three different families. I

was first owned by the Waldens; then I was sold to a man by the name of

Jackson, of Glasgow, Kentucky. Then my father, of this county, bought


I have had many slave experiences. Some slaves were treated good, and

some were treated awful bad by the white people; but most of them were

treated good if they would do what their master told them to do.

I onced saw a light colored gal tied to the rafters of a barn, and her

master whipped her until blood ran down her back and made a large pool

on the ground. And I have seen negro men tied to stakes drove in the

ground and whipped because they would not mind their master; but most

white folks were better to their slaves and treated them better than

they are now. After their work in the fields was finished on Saturday,

they would have parties and have a good time. Some old negro man would

play the banjo while the young darkies would dance and sing. The white

folks would set around and watch; and would sometimes join in and dance

and sing.

My colored grand father lived to be 115 years old, and at that age he

was never sick in his life. One day he picked up the water bucket to go

to the spring, and as he was on his way back he dropped dead.

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