Fannie Parker

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Fannie Parker

1908 W. Sixth Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 90?

"Yes, honey, this is old Fannie. I'se just a poor old nigger waitin' for

Jesus to come and take me to Heaven.

"I was just a young strip of a girl when the war come. Dr. M.C. Comer

was my owner. His wife was Elizabeth Comer. I said Marse and Mistis in

them days and when old mistress called me I went runnin' like a turkey.

They called her Miss Betsy. Yes Lord, I was in slavery days. Master and

mistress was bossin' me then. We all come under the rules. We lived in

Monticello--right in the city of Monticello.

"All I can tell you is just what I remember. I seed the Yankees. I

remember a whole host of 'em come to our house and wanted something to

eat. They got it too! They cooked it them selves and then they burned

everything they could get their hands on. They said plenty to me. They

said so much I don't know what they said. I know one thing they said I

belonged to the Yankees. Yes Lord, they wanted me to tell 'em if I was

free. I told 'em I was free indeed and that I belonged to Miss Betsy. I

didn't know what else to say. We had plenty to eat, plenty of hog meat

and buttermilk and cornbread. Yes ma'm--don't talk about that now.

"Don't tell me 'bout old Jeff Davis--he oughta been killed. Abraham

Lincoln thought what was right was right and what was wrong was wrong.

Abraham was a great man cause he was the President. When the rebels

ceded from the Union he made 'em fight the North. Abraham Lincoln

studied that and he had it all in his mind. He wasn't no fighter but he

carried his own and the North give 'em the devil. Grant was a good man

too. They tried to kill him but he was just wrapped up in silver and


"I remember when the stars fell. Yes, honey, I know I was ironin' and it

got so dark I had to light the lamp. Yes, I did!

"It's been a long time and my mind's not so good now but I remember old

Comer put us through. Good-bye and God bless you!"

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