Folklore Subjects


[HW: Arkansas]

Little Rock District

Name of Interviewer: Irene Robertson


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If you borrow salt it is bad luck to pay it back.

Parch okra seed grind up or beat it up and make coffee.

Parch meal or corn and make coffee.

In slavery times they took red corn cobs burned them and made white

ashes, sifted it and used it instead of soda.

Beat up charcoal and take for gas on the stomach.

Sift meal add salt and make up with water, put on collard leaf, cover

with another collard leaf put on hot ashes. Cover with hot ashes. The

bread will be brown, the collard leaves parched up, "It is really

good." Roast potatoes and eggs in the ashes.

In slavery times they made persimmon beer. Had regular beer barrels

made a faucet. Put old field hay in the bottom, persimmons, baked corn

bread and water. Let stand about a week, a fine drink with tea cakes. It

won't make you drunk.

Comb hair after dark makes you forgetful.

Asafoetida and garlic on the bait makes the fish bite well.

Rub fishing worms on the ground makes them tougher so you can put them

on the hook.

This information given by: Josephine Hamilton

Place of Residence: Hazen, Arkansas

Occupation: Field work and washwoman.


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