Frances Kimbrough

[HW: Dist 6

Ex Slave #65]

J.R. Jones


Place of birth: On Kimbrough plantation, Harries County,

near Cataula, Georgia

Date of birth: About 1854

Present residence: 1639-5th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia

Interviewed: August 7, 1936

[Date Stamp: MAY 8 --]

"Aunt Frances" story reveals that, her young "marster" was Dr. Jessie

Kimbrough--a man who died when she was about eighteen years of age. But

a few weeks later, while working in the field one day, she saw "Marse

Jessie's" ghost leaning against a pine "watchin us free Niggers wuckin."

When she was about twenty-two years of age, "a jealous Nigger oman"

"tricked" her. The "spell" cast by this "bad oman" affected the victim's

left arm and hand. Both became numb and gave her great "misery". A

peculiar feature of this visitation of the "conjurer's" spite was: if a

friend or any one massaged or even touched the sufferer's afflicted arm

or hand, that person was also similarly stricken the following day,

always recovering, however, on the second day.

Finally, "Aunt" Frances got in touch with a "hoodoo" doctor, a man who

lived in Muscogee County--about twenty-five miles distant from her. This

man paid the patient one visit, then gave her absent treatment for

several weeks, at the end of which time she recovered the full use of

her arm and hand. Neither ever gave her any trouble again.

For her old-time "white fokes", "Aunt" Frances entertains an almost

worshipful memory. Also, in her old age, she reflects the superstitious

type of her race.

Being so young when freedom was declared, emancipation did not have as

much significance for "Aunt" Frances as it did for the older colored

people. In truth, she had no true conception of what it "wuz all about"

until several years later. But she does know that she had better food

and clothes before the slaves were freed than she had in the years

immediately following.

She is deeply religious, as most ex-slaves are, but--as typical of the

majority of aged Negroes--associates "hants" and superstition with her


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