Frank Greene

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Frank Greene

2313 Saracen Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 78

"Yes'm, I can remember the Civil War and the Yankees, too. I can really

remember the Yankees and my old boss. I can't remember everything but I

can remember certain things just as good.

"Dr. Ben Lawton was my old boss. That was in South Carolina. That was

what they called Buford County at that time.

"Had a place they called the Honey Hill Fight. I used to go up there and

pick up balls.

"I can remember the Yankees had little old mules and blue caps and the

folks was runnin' from 'em.

"I remember old boss run off and hid from 'em--first one place and then


"I remember the Yankees would grab up us little folks and put us on the

mules--just for fun you know. I can remember that just as well as if

'twas yesterday--seems like.

"They burned old boss's place down. He had five or six plantations and I

know he come back and rebuilt after peace declared, but he didn't live


"He wasn't a mean man. He was good to his folks. We stayed there two

years after surrender and when I come to this country, I left some of my

uncles on that same place.

"I remember a white gentlemen in South Carolina would just jump his

horse over the fence and run over the folks, white and black, cotton and

all. He was a rich man and he'd just pay 'em off and go on. He wouldn't

put up the fence neither. He was a hunter--a sporting man.

"Me? Yes ma'am, I used to vote--the Republican ticket. We ain't nothin'

now, we can't vote. I never had any trouble 'bout votin' here but in the

old country we had some trouble. The Democrats tried to keep us from

votin'. Had to have the United States soldiers to open the way. That was

when Hays and Wheeler was runnin'.

"Here in the South the colored folks is free and they're not free. The

white folks gets it all anyway--in some places.

"But they ain't nobody bothered me in all my life--here or there.

"I went to school some after the war. Didn't have very much, but I

learned to read and write and 'tend to my own affairs.

"I have done farm work all my life and some public work. I got the same

ambition to work as I used to have but I can't hold it. I start out but

I just can't hold it.

"Just to pass my opinion of the younger generation, some of 'em

level-headed, but seems to me like they is a little rougher than they

was in my day.

"I think every one should live as an example for those coming behind."

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