Frank Kennedy

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Frank Kennedy,

Holly Grove, Arkansas

Age: 65 or 70?

"My parents' name was Hannah and Charles Kennedy. They b'long to

Master John Kennedy. I was raised round Aberdeen, Mississippi but they

come in there after freedom. I heard em talk but I couldn't tell you

much as where they come from. They said a young girl bout got her

growth would auction off for more than any man. They used em for cooks

and house women. I judge way they talked she be fifteen or sixteen

years old. They brought $1,600 and $2,000. If they was scared up,

where they been beat, they didn't sell off good. I knowed Master John


"The Ku Klux come round but they didn't bother much. They would bother

if you stole something. Another thing they made em stay close bout

their own places and work. I don't know bout freedom.

"I been farmin' and sawmillin' at Clarendon. I gets jobs I can do on

the farms now. I got rheumatism so I can't get round. I had this

trouble five years or longer now.

"The times is worse, so many folks stealin' and killin'. The young

folks don't work steady as they used to. Used to get figured out all

you raised till now they refuse to work less en the money in sight.

They don't work hard as I allers been workin'.

"I got one girl married. I don't have no land nor home. I works for

all I have yet.

"I have voted--not lately. I think my color outer vote like the white

folks do long as they do right. The women takin' the mens' places too

much it pears like. But they may be honester. I don't know how it will


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