Frank Larkin

Name of Interviewer: Martin-Barker

Subject: Ex-Slave

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This information given by: Frank Larkin

Place of Residence: RFD #1--Bx. 73

Age --

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I was born a slave, my owner was Mr. Rhodes of Virginia. On a large

plantation, my white folks gave a big to do, and served wine. Had corn

shuckings. Swapped help around harvesting time. I was sold when 6 or 7

years old. Sold to highest bidder. First marster gave my mother to his

white daughter and let her keep me.

I was raised as a house boy. I was always a mean boy. When I was sold

I split another boys head open with an axe. Then I runned off. They

caught me with blood hounds. My master whipped me with a cowhide whip.

He made me take my clothes off and tied me to a tree. He would use the

whip and then take a drink out of a jug and rest awhile, then he would

whip me again.

Sometimes we would set up until midnight pickin' wool. I would get so

sleepy, couldn't hardly pick de wool.

I hung up my stocking at Christmas to get gifts.

When we left de plantation, we had to get a pass to go from one

plantation to another.

We went to church, sat on de back seat of the white folks church. It

was a Baptist. Baptized in pool. White preacher said: "Obey your


When I came to Arkanansas, I was sold to Mr. Larkin.

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