Frank William Glenn

--- 13 1937

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Frank William Glenn

Des Arc, Arkansas

Age: 73

"I was born June 1864 in Des Arc. My parents named Richard Lewis Glenn

and Pleasant Glynn. My mama died when I was small. I recollect hearing

em say the southern women oughtn't marry the Yankee men, there was so

much difference in their lives. A few widows and girls did marry Yankee

men, very few. Southern folks jes' hated em.

"Master Wash Glenn had a son named Boliver. He may had more. I don't

know much about em. We stayed there after the war for a long time then

went to work for Mr. Bedford Bethels father. We worked there a long time

then went to work for Mr. Jim Erwin. My papa always farmed. I heard my

mama say she washed and sewed during slavery. There was three boys and

one girl in our famlee. I heard bout the bushwhackers and Ku Klux. I was

too young to tell bout what they did do. I never did see none dressed


"I don't fool wid votin' much. I have voted. I don't understand votin'

much and how they run the govermint. My time of usefulness is nearly


"The present time serves me hard. I got my leg caught in a wagon wheel

and so sprained I been cripple ever since. The rheumatiz settles in it

till I can't sleep at night. My wife quit me. I got two boys in Chicago,

the girl and her ma in Brinkley. They sho don't help me. I have to rent

my house. I don't own nuthin'. I work all I'm able.

"The present generation is selfish and restless. I don't know what goner

become of em. Times is changing too fast for me. I jess look on and

wonder what going to come on next."

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