George Key

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: George Key,

Forrest City, Arkansas

Age: 70 plus

"I was born in Fayette County, Tennessee. My mother was Henrietta

Hair. She was owned by David Hair. He had a gang of children. I was

her only child. She married just after the surrender she said. She

married Henry Key.

"One thing I can tell you she told me so often. The Yankees come by

and called her out of the cabin at the quarters. She was a brown girl.

They was going out on a scout trip--to hunt and ravage over the

country. They told her to get up her clothes, they would be by for

her. She was grandma's and grandpa's owners' nurse girl. She told them

and they sent her on to tell the white folks. They sent her clear off.

She didn't want to leave. She said her master was plumb good to her

and them all. They kept her hid out. The Yankees come slipping back to

tole her off. They couldn't find her nowhere. They didn't ax about

her. They was stealing her for a cook she thought. She couldn't cook

to do no good she said. She wasn't married for a long time after then.

She said she was scared nearly to death till they took her off and hid


"I have voted but not for a long time. I'm too old to get about and

keep too sick to go to the polls to vote. I got high blood pressure.

"Times is fair. If I was a young man I would go to work. I can't

grumble. Folks mighty nice to me. I keeps in line with my kin folks

and men my age.

"The young age folks don't understand me and I don't know their ways

neither. They may be all right, but I don't know."

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