Isaac Crawford

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person Interviewed: Isaac Crawford

Brinkley, Ark.

Age: 75

"I was born the first year of the Civil War. I was born and raised and

married in Holmes County, Mississippi. My parents was named Harriett and

James Crawford. They belong to a widow woman, Miss Sallie Crawford. She

had a girl named Bettie and three sons named Sam, Mack, Gus. Mack and

Gus was heavy drinkers. Moster Sam would drink but he wasn't so bad.

They wasn't mean to the Negroes on the place. They had eight or nine

families scattered around over their land.

"I farmed till I was eighteen then they made me foreman over the hands

on the place I stayed till after I married.

"I know Sam was in the war and come home cripple. He was in the war five

years. He couldn't get home from the war. I drove his hack and toted him

to it. I toted him in the house. He said he never rode in the war; he

always had to walk and tote his baggage. His feet got frost bit and raw.

They never got well. He lived. They lived close to Goodman, Mississippi.

"I heard my mother say she was mixed with Creole Indian. She was some

French. My father was pure African. Now what am I?

"Ole mistress wasn't mean to none of us. She wrung my ears and talked to

me. I minded her pretty good.

"The children set on the steps to eat and about under the trees. Some

folks kept their children looking good. Some let em go. They fed em--set

a big pot and dip em out greens. Give em a cup of milk. We all had

plenty coarse victuals. We all had to work. It done you no good to be

fraid er sweat in them days.

"I didn't know bout freedom and I didn't care bout it. They didn't give

no land nor no mules away as I ever know'd of.

"The Ku Klux never come on our place. I heard about em all the time. I

seen em in the road. They look like hants.

"I been farming all my life. I come here to farm. Better land and no

fence law.

"I come to 'ply to the P.W.A. today. That is the very reason you caught

me in town today."

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