Isom Rogers

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Isom Rogers, Edmondson, Arkansas

Age: 67

"I was born in Tunica County, Austin, Mississippi. I been in Edmondson,

Arkansas ten years. I come to do better. Said farming was good here. My

folks' owners was Master Palmer and George Rogers. My parents was never

sold. They was young folks in slavery time and at time of freedom. They

was farm hands. Their names was Pat and Ely Rogers.

"I heard him say he made palings and went 'round mending the fences when

the ground was froze. He made boards to cover the houses with too--I

heard him say. He was strong and worked all the time at some jobs. Never

heard mother say very much.

"I been farming and I have worked on quarter-boat and back farming. I

been here ten years."

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