J Roberts

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: J. Roberts, Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 45 or 50

Occupation: Methodist preacher

"My father was a Federal soldier in the Civil War. He was from Winston,

Virginia. He went to war and soon after the end he came to Holly Grove.

He was in Company "K". He signed up six or seven papers for men in his

company he knew and they all got their pensions. Oh yes! He knew them.

He was an awful exact honest man. He was a very young man when he went

into the war and never married till he come to Arkansas. He married a

slave woman. She was a field woman. They farmed. Father sat by the hour

and told how he endured the war. He never expected to come out alive

after a few months in the war.

"John Roberts Collins was his owner in slavery. I never heard why he cut

off the Collins. I call my own self J. Roberts."

"The present times are hard times. Sin hath caused it all. Machinery has

taken so much of the work."

"The present generation are fair folks but wild. Yes, the young folks

today are wilder than my set was. I can't tell you how but I see it

every way I go."

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