James Graham

Interviewer: Samuel S. Taylor

Person interviewed: James Graham

408 Maple Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

Age: 75

[HW: ["Free Negroes"]]

"I was born in South Carolina, Lancaster County, about nine miles from

Lancaster town. My father's name was Tillman Graham and my mother's name

was Eliza.

"I have seen my grandfathers, but I forget their names now. My father

was a farmer. My father and mother belonged to this people, that is, to

the Tillmans.

"On my father's side, they called my people free Negroes because they

treated them so good. On my mother's side they had to get their

education privately. When the white children would come from school, my

mother's people would get instruction from them. My mother was a maid in

the house and it was easy for her to get training that way."

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