Jane Birch

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Jane Birch, Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 74

"I was three years old when the Yankees come through. I can't recollect

a thing about them. Ma told us children if we don't be quiet the Ku

Kluck come take us clean off but I never seed none. When we be working

she say if we don't work the grass out pretty soon the Ku Kluck be

taking us out whooping us. So many of us she have to scare us up to get

us to do right. There was fifteen children, nearly all girls. Ma said

she had good white folks. She was Floy Sellers. She belong to Mistress

Mary Sellers. She was a widow. Had four boys and a girl. I think we

lived in Chester County, South Carolina. I am darky to the bone. Pa was

black. All our family is black. My folks come to Arkansas when I was so

young I jes' can't tell nothing about it. We farmed. I lived with my

husband forty years and never had a child.

"Black folks used to vote more than I believe they do now. The men used

to feel big to vote. They voted but I don't know how. No ma'am, reckon I

don't vote!

"The times been changing since I was born and they going to keep

changing. Times is improving. That is all right.

"I think the young generation is coming down to destruction. You can't

believe a word they speak. I think they do get married some. They have a

colored preacher and have jes' a witness or so at home. Most of them

marry at night. They fuss mongst theirselves and quit sometimes. I don't

know much about young folks. You can't believe what they tell you. Some

work and some don't work. Some of them will steal."

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