Je Filer

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: J.E. Filer, Marianna, Arkansas

Age: 76

"I was born in Washington, Georgia. I come here in 1866. There was three

stores in Marianna. My parents name Betsy and Bob Filer. My mother

belong to Collins in Georgia. She come to this state with Colonel Woods.

She worked in the field in Georgia and here too. Mama said they always

had some work on hand. Work never played out. When it was cold and

raining they would shuck corn to send to mill. The men would be under a

shelter making boards or down at the blacksmith shop sharpening up the

tools so they could work.

"Since we come to this state I've seen them make oak boards and pile

them up in pens to dry out straight. I don't recollect that in Georgia.

I was so little when we come here. I can recollect that but not much

else. My brother was older. He might tell all about it."

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Interviewer's Comment

I didn't get to see his brother. I went twice more but he was at work on

a farm somewhere.

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