Jennie Ferrell

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Jennie Ferrell, West Memphis, Arkansas

Age: 65

"I was born in Yellowbush County, Mississippi close to Grenada.

Grandmother come from North Carolina. They wouldn't sell grandpa. He was

owned by Laston. They never met again. She brought two boys with her.

She was a Pernell. Her master brought her away and would have brought

her husband but they wouldn't sell. She said durin' her forty years in

slavery she never got a whoopin'. She was a field hand. After she come

to Mississippi they was so good to her they called her free. She was a

midwife. She doctored the rich white and colored. She rode horseback,

she said, far and near. In Grenada after freedom she walked. They called

her free her master was so good to her. I don't know how she learned to

be a midwife. Her master was Henry Pernell. He owned a small place

twelve miles from Grenada and another place in the Mississippi bottoms.

My folks become renters after freedom. I don't know if they rented from

him but I guess they did.

"The Ku Klux never bothered them that I ever heard them mention."

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