Jennie Wormly Gibson


Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Jennie Wormly Gibson

Biscoe, Arkansas

Age: 49

"Gran'ma was Phoebe West. Mama was Jennie West. Mama was a little girl

when the Civil War come on. She told how scared her uncle was. He didn't

want to go to war. When they would be coming if he know it or get

glimpse of the Yankee soldiers, he'd pick up my mama. She was a baby.

He'd run for a quarter of a mile to a great big tree down in the field

way back of the place off the road. He never had to go to war. Ma said

she was little but she was scared at the sight of them clothes they

wore. Mama's and grandma's owners lived at Vicksburg a lot of the time

but where that was at Washington County, Mississippi. They had lots of


"Grandma was a midwife and doctored all the babies on the place. She

said they had a big room where they was and a old woman kept them. They

et milk for breakfast and buttermilk and clabber for supper. They always

had bread. For dinner they had meat boiled and one other thing like

cabbage, and the children got the pot-liquor. It was brought in a cart

and poured in wooden troughs. They had gourds to dip it out with. They

had gourds to drink their cool spring water with.

"Daylight would find the hands in the field at work. Grandma said they

had meat and bread and coffee till the war come on. They had to have a

regular meal to work on in the morning.

"Grandma said their something to eat got mighty slim in war times and

kept getting slimmer and slimmer. They had plenty sorghum all the time.

Them troughs was hewed out of a log and was washed and hung in the sun

till next mealtime. They cooked in iron pots and skillets on the fire.

Grandma worked where they put her but her main trade was seeing after

the sick on that place.

"They had a fiddler on the place and had big dances now and then.

"This young generation won't be advised no way you can fix it. I don't

know what in the world the folks is looking about. The folks ain't good

as they used to be. They shoots craps and drinks and does low-down

things all the time. I ain't got no time with the young generation.

Times gone to pieces pretty bad if you axing me."

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