Jesse Meeks

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Jesse Meeks

707 Elm Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 76

Occupation: Minister

"I am seventy-six. 'Course I was young in slavery times, but I can

remember some things. I remember how they used to feed us. Put milk and

bread or poke salad and corn-meal dumplin's in a trough and give you a

wooden spoon and all the children eat together.

"We stayed with our old master fourteen years. They were good folks and

treated us right. My old master's name was Sam Meeks--in Longview, Drew

County, Arkansas, down here below Monticello.

"I got a letter here about a month ago from the daughter of my young

mistress. I wrote to my young mistress and she was dead, so her daughter

got the letter. She answered it and sent me a dollar and asked me was I

on the Old Age Pension list.

"As far as I know, I am the onliest one of the old darkies living that

belonged to Sam Meeks.

"I remember when the Ku Klux run in on my old master. That was after the

War. He was at the breakfast table with his wife. You know in them days

they didn't have locks and keys. Had a hole bored through a board and

put a peg in it, and I know the Ku Klux come up and stuck a gun through

the auger hole and shot at old master but missed him. He run to the door

and shot at the Ku Klux. I know us children found one of 'em down at the

spring bathin' his leg where old master had shot him.

"Oh! they were good folks and treated us right."

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