Jim Davis

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Jim Davis

1112 Indiana Street

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 98

"Well, I've broke completely down. I ain't worth nothing. Got rheumatism

all over me.

"I never seen inside a schoolhouse--allus looked on the outside.

"The general run of this younger generation ain't no good. What I'm

speakin' of is the greatest mass of 'em. They ain't healthy either. Why,

when I was comin' along people was healthy and portly lookin'. Why, look

at me. I ain't never had but two spells of sickness and I ain't never

had the headache. The only thing--I broke these three fingers. Hit a

mule in the head. Killed him too.

"Yes'm, that was in slavery times. Why, they passed a law in Raleigh,

North Carolina for me never to hit a man with my fist. That was when I

was sold at one thousand nine hundred dollars.

"Ever' time they'd make me mad I'd run off in the woods.

"But they sure was good to their darkies. Plenty to eat and plenty good

clothes. Sam Davis was my owner. And he wouldn't have no rough


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