John Anderson

John Anderson:

A story resulting from an interview with John Anderson, an old Negro


"I was born in Pennsylvania, on Shiptown road, Clinton County, close to

Mercersberg. When I was growing up my mammy always believed in making

her own medicine, and doctored the whole family with the roots she dug

herself. She use to bile down the roots from may-apple, snake root and

blood root, and make her medicine. This was good for the blood and keep

us from gettin' sick.

While the wah was goin' on, the soldiers were campin' all about us and

when they heer'd the Gray's was comin' they got ready for battle, and

when they did come they fit' em back, and they made their stand at

Harpers Ferry, Va., and had a hard battle there. My mammy was scared of

the Gray's and when she heer'd they was comin', would hide us three boys

in some white folks cellar until they was gone. They would take all the

young niggahs with them they could get hold of, and soon as they'd gone,

we would go back home.

When the wah was over, me and some boys went over to the battlefield and

foun' a calvary gun which I had for years. We lived in a log cabin on a

farm and worked for a farmer in the fields while my mammy worked in the

house for the white folks. We had lots of things that is good and bad


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