John Jones

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: John Jones,

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 71

"I was raised an orph'ant but I was born in Tennessee. I lived over

there and farmed till 'bout fifty year ago. I come out here wid Mr.

Woodson to pick cotton. He dead now and I still tryin' to work all I


"I haben voted in thirty-five year. Because I couldn't vote in the

Primary, then I say I wouldn't vote 'tall. I don't care if the women

want to vote. Don't do no good nohow.

"I farmed all my life 'ceptin' 'bout ten years I worked on the

section. I got so I couldn't stand up to it every day and had to farm


"I never considered times hard till I got disabled to work. It mighty

bad when you can't get no jobs to do. My hardest time is in the

winter. I has a garden and chickens but I ain't able to buy a cow. Man

give me a little pig the other day. He won't be big enough to eat till

late next spring. Every winter times is hard for me. It's been thater

wa's ever since I begin not to be able to get about. Helped by the


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