John Luckett

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: John Luckett

Highway No. 65, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 83

"I was born in Mississippi up above Vicksburg. I 'member the old Civil

War but I was just a little boy.

"Oh, I've seen the Yankees in Vicksburg where the battle was.

"I was 'bout ten when freedom come--nothin' but a boy.

"Clara Luckett was my mother. When the War was in Fort Pillow, I was a

small boy. I don't know 'bout nothin' else--that's all I know about


"I been workin' at these mills ever since surrender. I been firin' for


"I voted the Republican ticket. I voted for General Grant and

Garfield. I was a young man then. I voted for McKinley too. I never

did hold no office, I was workin' all the time. I knowed Teddy

Roosevelt--I voted for him.

"They wouldn't let me go to school I was so bad. I went one day and

whipped the teacher. I didn't try--I whipped him and they 'xpelled me

from school.

"Since I been in this country, firin' made me deaf."

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