John Nelson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: John Nelson, Holly Grove, Arkansas

Age: 76

"My parents was Jazz Nelson and Mahaney Nelson. He come from Louisiana

durin' slavery. She come from Richmond, Virginia. I think from what they

said he come to Louisiana from there too. They was plain field hands.

"My folks belong to Miss Mary Ann Richardson and Massa Harve Richardson.

They had five children and every one dead now. They lived at Duncan


"The white folks told em they was free. They had no place to go and they

been workin' the crop. White folks glad for em to stay and work on. And

the truth is they was glad to git to stay on cause they had no place to

go. They kept stayin' on a long time.

"I was so small I don't know if the Ku Klux ever did come bout our place

at tall."

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