Josephine Scott Lynch

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Josephine Scott Lynch,

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 69

"Josephine Scott Lynch is my name and I sho don't know a thing to tell

you. I don't remember my father at tall. The first thing I can

remember about my mama she was fixing to come to Arkansas. She come as

a immigrant. They paid her fare but she had to pay it back. We come on

the train to Memphis and on the boat to Gregory Point (Augusta). We

left her brother with grandma back in Tennessee. There was three

children younger than me. The old folks talked about old times more

than they do now but I forgot all she said too much to tell it


"We farmed, cleared land and mama and me washed and ironed and sewed

all our lives. I cooked for Mr. Gregory at Augusta for a long time. I

married then I cooked and washed and ironed till I got so porely I

can't do much no more.

"I never voted and I wouldn't know how so ain't no use to go up there.

"Some of the younger generation is better off than they used to be and

some of them not. It depends a whole heap on the way they do. The

colored folks tries to do like the white folks far as they's able.

Everything is changing so fast. The present conditions is harder for

po white folks and colored folks than it been in a long time. Nearly

everything is to buy and prices out of sight. Work is so scarce."

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