Laura Caldwell

Project 1885-1


Spartanburg Dist. 4

May 24, 1937

Edited by: Elmer Turnage


"I was born in Union County, S. C., not far from the ferry on Tyger

River. My mother was a slave of George R. Tucker who lived on the Enoree

River. I can't remember slavery times nor the war; but I remember about

the end of the war when everybody was coming home.

"My mother was a weaver, going to the white folks' houses and weaving

clothes for them for small pay. Carding and spinning was done by all the

white families at home.

"The farms had large gardens and raised most everything to eat. Large

patches of turnips, cabbage and green vegetables was the custom at that


Source: Laura Caldwell (77), Newberry, S. C.

Interviewer: G. L. Summer, Newberry, S. C. May 20, 1937

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