Laura House

Name of interviewer: Thomas Elmore Lucy

Person interviewed: Laura House

Russellville, Arkansas

Age: 75?

"No sir, I don't remember hearing my parents ever tell me just when I

was born, the year or the month, but it was sometime during the War. My

parents' master was named Mentor--spelled M-e-n-t-o-r. We come to Pope

County several years after the War, and I have lived here in

Russellville forty years and raised our family here. Father passed away

about fifteen years ago.

"Mother used to tell me that the master wasn't overly kind to them. I

remember she used to talk of some money being promised to them after

they were freed, but I don't know how much. But I do know that none was

ever paid to them.

"No sir, I cannot read or write.

"I have been a member of the A. M. E. Church ever since I was a little


NOTE: Mrs. House is very neat in her dress and general deportment, is

industrious, and keeps busy working here and there at odd jobs, but her

memory is very uncertain as to many important details about her


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