Leroy Day

Interviewer: Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Leroy Day (c)

Age: 80

Home: 123 N. Walnut Street, Pine Bluff, Ark.

"Good Lord yes, lady, I was here in slavery days. I remember my old

marster had an overseer that whipped the people pretty rapid.

"I remember when the soldiers--the Yankees--come through, some said they

was takin' things.

"Old Marster, his name was Joe Day, he was good to us. He seemed to be a

Christian man and he was a Judge. They generally called him Judge Day. I

never seen him whip nobody and never seen him have no dispute. I tell

you if he wasn't a Christian, he looked like one.

"I was born in Georgia and I can remember the first Governor we had

after freedom. His name was Governor Bullock. I heard it said the people

raised a lot of sand because they said he was takin' the public money.

That was when Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia.

"I used to vote after freedom. I voted Republican. I went to school a

little after the war and then emigrated to Louisiana and Arkansas.

"Things has got so now everything is in politics. Some votes cause they

want their friends in office and some don't take no interest.

"Some of the younger generation is prospering very well and some are

goin' kinda slow. Some is goin' take another growth. The schoolin' they

is gittin' is helpin' to build 'em up.

"Yes mam, I use to be strong and I have done a heap of work in my life.

Cotton and corn was the business, the white man had the land and the

money and we had to work to get some of that money.

"I remember when the Ku Klux was right bad in Louisiana. I never did see

any--I didn't try to see 'em. I know I heard that they went to a

school house and broke up a negro convention. They called for a colored

man named Peck and when he come out they killed him and one white man

got killed. They had a right smart little scrummage, and I know the

colored people ran off and went to Kansas.

"The fust man I ever seed killed was one time a colored man's dog got in

another colored man's field and ate his roasting ears, it made him so

mad he shot the dog and then the man what owned the dog killed the other

man. I never did know what the punishment was.

"Since I have become afflicted (I'm ruptured) I can't do no work any

more. I can't remember anything else. If I had time to study I might

think of something else."

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