Lewis Mann

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Lewis Mann

1501 Bell Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 81

"As nigh as I can come at it, I was bout five or six time of the war. I

remember when the war ceasted. I was a good-sized chap.

"Durin' the war my mother's master sent us to Texas; western Texas is

whar they stopped me. We stayed there two years and then they brought us

back after surrender.

"I remember when the war ceasted and remember the soldiers refugeein'

through the country. I'm somewhar round eighty-one. I'm tellin' you the

truf. I ain't just now come here.

"I was born right here in Arkansas. My mother's master was old B.D.

Williams of Tennessee and we worked for his son Mac H. Williams here in

Arkansas. They was good to my mother. Always had nurses for the colored

childrun while the old folks was in the field.

"After the war I used to work in the house for my white folks--for Dr.

Bob Williams way up there in the country on the river. I stayed with his

brother Mac Williams might near twenty-five or thirty years. Worked

around the house servin' and doin' arrands different places.

"I went to school a little bit a good piece after the war and learned to

read and write.

"I've heard too much of the Ku Klux. I remember when they was Ku Kluxin'

all round through here.

"Lord! I don't know how many times I ever voted. I used to vote every

time they had an election. I voted before I could read. The white man

showed me how to vote and asked me who I wanted to vote for. Oh Lord, I

was might near grown when I learned to read.

"I been married just one time in my life and my wife's been dead

thirteen years.

"I tell you, Miss, I don't know hardly what to think of things now.

Everything so changeable I can't bring nothin' to remembrance to hold


"I didn't do nothin' when I was young but just knock around with the

white folks. Oh Lord, when I was young I delighted in parties. Don't

nothin' like that worry me now. Don't go to no parades or nothin'. Don't

have that on my brain like I did when I was young. I goes to church all

the place I does go.

"I ain't never had no accident. Don't get in the way to have no accident

cause I know the age I is if I injure these bones there ain't anything

more to me.

"My mother had eight childrun and just my sister and me left. I can't do

a whole day's work to save my life. I own this place and my

sister-in-law gives me a little somethin' to eat. I used to be on the

bureau but they took me off that."

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